8fold UI

Welcome to the documentation site for the 8fold user interface system!

This documentation site (beta) aids designers and developers who choose to leverage one or more technologies maintained by 8fold to create their web experiences.

When it comes to web development, 8fold holds on to the practice of progressive enhancement and iterative design and dvelopment. Therefore, we examine the markup and structure to build a robust foundation. We then layer on, and leverage, cascading style sheets as much as possible. Finally, we add interactivity that cannot be achieved with base web standards created by the w3c.

The 8fold UI system leverages four libraries designed and developed to make implementing user interfaces for the web quick and painless (like most other systems of its kind). What make this system unique from others we've seen is that we strive to remove markup from the equation. Each library builds on the one before it.

8fold Component is designed to allow developers to generate any web component, HTML string, or entire page (you probably can generate XML as well, but it was not necessarily designed for that purpose).

8fold Elements builds on Component giving developers access to the entire HTML catalog of elements. Using a simple interface, developers can quickly generate complex and consistent markup without needing to remember complex coding style manuals and the like.

8fold UIKit extends Elements in order to simplify the interfaces to output more complex HTML patterns and componets. The majority of this site details its use.

8fold Web Assets is the candy shell for the markup of the other three. The web assets handle the aesthetics and interactive elements of the user experience. The 8fold web assets leverage the US Web Design system championed and maintained by the fine folks at 18F. That team, and the broader contributor community helps to test markup patterns, CSS, javascript, and all points in between. It has come a long way in a very short period of time, and 8fold does try to contribute back whenever possible.